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Failure is part of winning, 10,000 small failures can still lead to big success

Success and Failure can be broken down into many smaller events that can lead to an end result. In sports, there are many small events during a game that will eventually lead to a winner and a loser.

michal jordan failure


Small decisions can be seen as fail or success on their own , taking a basketball shot for example, but any single small event or action does not determine the total end result, like the winner of the game.


If we break down a large goal into many smaller events, it might reduce the anxiety or fear of failing. Since failing small can still lead to success in the end if our total effort is productive overall, small failures are not bad, but necessary in order to get the successes. In our basketball example, taking the shot is necessary and will lead to both successful scoring shots and failed missed shots. The outcome is uncontrollable during the game, but the decision to take the shot is necessary and important.


Having a large goal can be daunting. By thinking of the goal in smaller bits, not only is the fear reduced, but also the task is made to appear more achievable. In business, there are many transactions that take place, and not all transactions may be profitable. However, if the business model remain sounds, the unprofitable (failed) transactions are followed by successful and profitable transactions that help the business profit and loss and can add to the year’s overall success.


What I would like to communicate today in this post, for both myself and others, is that failure is good, normal, and necessary. Because complete ‘perfection’ the first time and immediately is rarely possible or even a choice, some form of failure is acceptable in small amounts as a by-product of achieving a bigger total success. Missing a shot, or making small mistakes, does not mean we cannot still succeed, and are actually an acceptable part of working toward our goal.


Break down your goal, take action, and don’t worry about failing because its part of the journey of getting where you want.


Work on your goals, Go RISK TO FAIL today!


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